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Lauds Greek Style Vegan Feta

Lauds Greek Style Almond Feta is a vegan almond cheese. This is a lactose free and dairy free cheese.

Lauds Greek Style Almond Feta is semi-hard, white and crumbly. It is salty and tangy to taste, and has been cultured and salt-brined to ensure a flavour and texture which pleases and stimulates the palate.

This almond feta makes a most scrumptious spinach and feta pie, spanakopita or delicate filo triangles. Drool over a roast tomato, fresh basil and feta pizza, crumble it into a salad of your liking or garnish atop a savoury tart

Ingredients: Water, Almonds, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Oat Milk Yoghurt (Water, Organic Oats, Cashews, Natural Cultures), Carrageenan, Tasmanian Sea Salt, Preservative (sorbic acid).  This cheese is dairy free and lactose free.

200 g

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