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Tasmanian Pantry

The Tasmanian Pantry provides a taste of some of Tasmania’s best artisan products.

The highly acclaimed and exceedingly popular Olde Spikey Ridge Peanut Butter.  A locally produced apple and blackberry jam produced in the picturesque Huon Valley. An old style tomato and native pepper relish from artisan producer Rocky Gardens Fine Foods and a honey and whisky mustard produced by Lean to Kitchen in Hobart. To round off the pantry selection  a lime and balsamic dipping sauce from Wattle Hill Olives at Latrobe in North West Tasmania.


Tasmanian Pantry includes:

Olde Spikey Bridge Peanut Butter 410 g

Peppermint Ridge’s Apple and Blackberry Jam 110g

Rocky Gardens Tomato & Native Pepper Relish 150 g

Lean to Kitchen Honey and Whisky Mustard 50 g

Wattle Hill Lime and Balsamic Dipping Sauce 100ml

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