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Tasmanian Gourmet Online

Would you like to enrich your guest's experience at your accommodation, with a taste of Tasmanian gourmet produce?  Fine wine with cheese and nibbles to enjoy with evening drinks perhaps, or a range of breakfast options and a selection of sweet treats to enjoy during their stay.

Tasmanian Gourmet Online can deliver to your accommodation anywhere within Tasmania in a day. Guests can pre order, so their hamper is waiting in their room upon arrival or they can place an order while they are there.

Guests can choose from over 1200 premium gourmet and artisanal products from up to 150 Tasmanian producers and cheese makers, the finest vineyards, and best distilleries on our island. Operated out of our farm-based family business in the Huon Valley, everything we provide is Tasmanian made.

Our products are carefully selected from the diverse growing regions of the state spanning the lush, rich soils of the Northwest, the extended growing seasons of the East Coast and the fertile horticultural districts of the south. Many come from small artisanal producers scattered throughout remote rural locations and small towns across the state.

Our gourmet hampers make their selection easy, blending a variety of cheeses with condiments, fine wine, small goods, and confectioneries. They can also create their own.

How it works

When you register as an accommodation host with Tasmanian Gourmet Online, we will allocate a code for each of your properties.

As the host you will specify the best delivery address for your accommodation and any special delivery instructions to ensure that you or your employees receives the packages to place inside your guest’s rooms.

When a guest registers to stay at your accommodation you can include a link to our guest page in your confirmation emails and messages. For example, “Enhance your stay with the island’s finest wine and produce delivered direct to your accommodation with Tasmanian Gourmet Online,  then add your unique code”.  To view the guest page, click the link below. 

The guest will make the order using their phone number, the accommodation address, and the unique code. When we receive the order, we deliver to the address linked to your code.

View Accommodation Guest Page

Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Create Your Own Hamper

Browse our extensive range of Tasmanian artisan produce and create your own hamper. Choose between hundreds of wines, small goods, cheese, spirits and other gourmet produce.

Create Your Own Hamper