Perigord Truffle hamper with truffle oil

The Perigord Truffle hamper is a selection of truffle products made from freshly harvested truffles.

The selection includes truffle salt, truffle honey, truffle honey with hazelnuts, truffle honey with macadamia nuts and truffle oil.

Truffle salt is a simple way to enjoy truffles. It adds flavour and aroma to a number of dishes particularly good on grilled meats and roasted potatoes, ideal on scrambled eggs and even popcorn with a good butter.


The truffle honey is a perfect pairing for good strong cheeses such as blue cheeses and cheddars. The truffle honey adds sweetness and the nuances of the truffle also compliments marinades in poultry dishes.

 The truffle honey with hazelnuts and truffle honey with macadamia nuts are ideal as a desert served with ice cream or simply stirred into yoghurt.

 The truffle oil is a gourmet delicacy to delight your taste buds, perfect with pasta, risotto, eggs, potatoes and right through to soups and as part of a dressing on salads.

 The hamper includes:

Truffle Salt 60 g

Truffle Honey 60 g

Truffle Macadamia Honey 250 g

Truffle Hazelnut Honey 250 g

Truffle Oil 60 ml


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