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Sweet Vegan Gift with Vegan Wine 

Our Tasmanian sweet vegan gift hamper is a delicious selection of sweet vegan snacks accompanied by a vegan wine.

A selection of the wonderfully delicious dairy free and lactose free Federation vegan chocolates, Mrs. Rees vegan treats, the very popular and tasty coated strawberry from Rhuby Delights. All the vegan sweets and vegan cookies are vegan food and the Josef Chromy Pepik Pinot is a vegan wine.

Vegan Gift  includes:

Federation  Sea Salt Chocolate  100 g

Federation PNG walnut 100g

Mrs. Rees  Date and Cacao Balls 90 g  

Rhuby Delight Strawberry Coated Chocolate 80 g

Cashew Nuts 30 g

Josef Chromy Pepik Pinot 2017

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