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Tasmanian Spices and Seasonings

The Tasmanian spices and seasonings selection has been hand selected from across the State and includes Tasman Sea Salt harvested from the nutrient rich crystal clear waters of Tasmania’s East Coast.  An aromatic Dukkah created by a blend of roasted nuts and spices) which is produced by Divine Addictions at Woodbridge in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel south of Hobart. A Bush Dust which is a mixture of Tasmanian native pepper, macadamia nuts, bush tomatoes, herbs and spices by Peppermint Ridge.  Complimented by locally produced olive oil, and a lime balsamic dipping sauce from Wattle Hill Olives at Latrobe in North West Tasmania.

Tasmanian Spices and Seasonings includes:

Tasman Sea Salt 250 g

Divine Addictions Dukkah 50 g

Peppermint Ridges Bush Dust 50 g

Wattle Hill Lime and Balsamic Dipping Sauce 100 ml

Wattle Hill Olive Oil 100 ml

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