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Tasmanian Truffles and a truffle shaver

A Truffle shaver and 20 grams Tasmanian first Grade Truffles.  The truffles are the smaller Tasmanian truffles that have been trimmed due to slight imperfections or scratches. The truffle perfume and flavour is the same as Perigord Extra Grade truffles.

The Tasmanian Truffles are produced from the cold soils of Tasmania and are widely acknowledged as ‘Australia’s Finest’. The truffles exhibit the sweet, earthy fragrance and savoury characteristics of the finest truffles from the Perigord and Provence departments of Southern France.

The truffle shavers have a variable thickness to enable you to cut precisely to your needs. The best and most simple and effective way to slice your fresh truffles can produce paper thin slices with ease.

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