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Tasmanian Vegan Cheese Selection

The vegan cheese selection includes Tasmania’s finest selection of plant based dairy free and lactose free cheeses.

The aged cashew cheese is a semi-hard which has sharp cheddar overtones and a Greek style semi-hard and crumbly feta.  We have included kunanyi a fresh cashew nut vegan cheese dusted with native Tasmanian pepper berry along with Melt Me  a versatile cheese which melts, bubbles and browns just like regular cheddar. It is mild to taste, has no artificial flavour profile and can be used a substitute cheese for any dish which calls for melty indulgence.  We have complimented the vegan cheese with a locally made quince paste and some Tasmanian grown walnuts.

All the cheeses and condiments are vegan, dairy free and lactose free.

The vegan cheese selection includes:

Aged Cashew Cheese 115 g    

Greek Style Feta 200 g

Kunanyi 120 g

Melt Me 400 g

Quince Rocky Gardens 140 g

Raw Walnuts 75 g

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