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Truffle Salt and Truffle Oil Pack

Truffle Salt and Truffle Oil Pack                 

Truffle Salt

The Truffle Salt is produced from freshly harvested Tasmanian truffles and Tasman Sea salt flakes.

Truffle salt is a simple way to enjoy truffles. Try it with cooked egg dishes, tossed in pasta, on pâté, or simply use to season meat dishes and vegetables.

 Truffle Oil

Take the heady aromas of White Truffle fused with the earthy richness of Black Truffle and you have a sensational taste capturing the best of both worlds.

 Using the best traditional and cutting edge methods with rich Australian olive oil, we have an amazing gourmet delicacy. Try our truffle oil with pasta, risotto, eggs or potatoes and right through to soups and salads.

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