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Wellington Apiary Hobart Wildflower

Collected from clandestine hives scattered all across Hobart this raw honey displays all our our seasonal wildflowers. It’s rich and pretty.

This is our original honey, sourced from a handful of hives in the center of Hobart. While other hives in the forests remain dormant in late winter, bees in Hobart city hives are in full production because the gardens and parks are a diverse mixture of flowering ornamentals, fruit trees and introduced plants. Unlike other honey flavours, this is an early yielding honey, collected by the bees during spring. Hobart Wildflower honey is dark, thick and glossy in appearance, with delicate floral flavours and slight citrus aromas. Hobart Wildflower is set with a fine crystal and remains semi-soft once bottled.  The honey is Gluten Free.

325 g

All states except WA due to state Quarantine laws.

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